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The Original American Kazoo Company was established in 1916 as the first metal kazoo factory and is the only metal kazoo factory in North America. The museum highlights history, amusing trivia, and shows step by step the way kazoos are made.
Kazoos of all shapes and sizes are permanently displayed in the museum. Our collection chronicles the history of kazoos as well as the factory. Display cases contain several types of wooden kazoos, liquor bottle shaped kazoos that celebrated the end of prohibition, antique kazoo instruments, silver and gold kazoos, and many more.
Kazoo Gift Shop
The Gift Shop is closed until February 6th and must be open to provide access to the Museum where you can view kazoos being made on the original equipment (Tue-Thur only) until 2 pm, or use the Make Your Own Kazoo station to assemble your own($$)! There is a free Self-guided tour for small family groups, 2-6, while a guided tour is $2 per person. Call at least one day ahead to schedule an appointment so we may get a guide onsite for a guided tour for your larger group.
Eden - The Kazoo Capital of the World.
Call 716-992-3960 to schedule your tour appointment.

Eden - The Kazoo Capital of the World


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